Join Emmy Award-winning Political Psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi and major market TV news veteran Frank Cipolla for an unbiased look at Florida’s top news stories.

Watch as they analyze the personalities and characteristics of those in power.

“Really enjoy your show! I am a political junkie, liberal and into labor issues. I feel your show is politically neutral and love the psychology point of view as well. Keep up the great work.” – Paul
“Found your show by accident after watching Face the Nation. Loved your psychological and practical twists to politics!! Found your show to be thought provoking and fact based.” – Cathy
“It is refreshing to listen to an unbiased and analytical take on today’s news and political figures.” – Camille

“I had given up hope of intelligent, honest discussion until I saw your show for the first time this AM… gave me shivers (of approval)!” – Linda

“It was my first time watching this morning and was taken aback by your unbiased show. I told my husband he has to watch in two weeks. Thank you!” – Barbara


Power and Politics Frank

Frank Cipolla

Host, Co-Founder, Managing Editor

Frank Cipolla is a former major market radio and TV news reporter and anchor. He spent nearly 40 years in the nation’s largest market and over the years has been seen and heard nationwide – most recently on the Wall Street Journal Radio Network. He also worked as an anchor and reporter for Fox 4 in Fort Myers. Frank is also an author and businessman.

Power and politics Dr. Rossi

Dr. Bart Rossi

Co-Host, Co-Founder

Dr. Bart Rossi is a Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist and an Emmy Award Winning Political Psychologist. He has appeared on most major TV networks and has been a regular contributor to local and national radio and TV stations. Dr. Rossi looks at the personality features of our political leaders and the psychological aspects relating to all the major issues of the day. With an unbiased approach, he brings a blend of clinical and psychological thinking to what is happening nationally and internationally.

Marqueeta Curtis-Haynes

Executive Producer

Marqueeta Curtis-Haynes is an award-winning broadcast news Writer/Producer, with a career which has taken her from the Midwest to the country’s #1 market – New York City where she worked at CBS News, Bloomberg TV, and BET News. She’s won several awards, including three Emmy Awards and several Telly Awards.


Aired Sunday, 7/14/2024

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